Sarah Ward

Software Developer

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A midwesterner by birth and a gypsy at heart, my journey up to this point has been a long and meandering one, both professionally and geographically. In the many moves my family and I have made, I have worked in a variety of fields from retail to accounting to pharmacy. Despite the seemingly incongruous lineup of careers, I have discovered some common themes throughout: problem-solving, design, and collaboration.

Software development, for me, is a culmination of all of these skills along with my love of learning and experiencing new things. The ever-changing nature of technology means there is always some new avenue to explore and while I have yet to do more than scratch the surface of this wealth of knowledge, I am excited to discover where development will take me in years to come.


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A homework tracking app that parents can use to monitor the progress of all of their children. Using a points based reward system, HomeWork motivates kids to complete assignments in a timely manner and encourages them to read outside of school.

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Nights Out Nashville

For all of the many weekend tourists, busy young professionals, or parents who may only get one night out a month, Nights Out Nashville allows you to plan your evening in advance to maximize the time you have. Using Google Maps API you can choose your destinations and generate a custom itinerary and mapped route.

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